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SonyLIV Premium APK, SonyLIV's Bollywood movie app, gives you access to all premium content.

SonyLIV Premium Apk Download

In the present day, thanks to rapid advances in technology, people can find entertainment gadgets and apps on their Android devices.

You can find a lot of interesting content and popular blockbusters on SonyLIV, a video streaming app from Sony Pictures Networks India Pvt.

Despite being free, SonyLIV has limited content in comparison to its paid counterpart. There is nothing to worry about.

 By using our SonyLiv Premium MOD APK, you will be able to solve this problem. With this application, the premium features are free of charge.

 Enjoy Popular Indian Shows

Streaming video service SonyLIV is popular in South Asia. In spite of this, the app is only available in two major countries, India and Pakistan. 

This means that users from other regions who appreciate Indian TV shows and movies are unable to watch them. 

With SonyLIV Mod, you no longer need to use a VPN service with fake IPs and region blocking features.

SonyLIV for Android

In this app, South Asian users are catered to specifically. SonyLIV's programs are mostly Hindi television shows and movies

Undekhi and Your Honor are two of the movies I suggest to you if you love movies. 

Action, detective, and action are all parts of Rishi's life story. A murder took place in Manali where Rishi was present. As opposed to reporting the crime to the police, he used his skills to track down the offenders and punish them. 

Dramatic details abound in Your Honor. It is the story of Bishan Khosla - a judge whose son is a murder suspect.

Aside from those movies, SonyLIV has a wide selection of blockbuster movie series from Hollywood, like the Iron Man movies, Spider-Man and some Disney favorites.

Sports on SonyLIV

Sport-lovers can choose from SonyLIV's categories. Sports programs such as Baseball, Cricket, Basketball, Soccer, Rugby, Swimming, and more are available here. 

This live broadcast gives you an up-close look at the action. Get all the latest sports news on your Android device, and keep up to date with the best matches.

Two factors demonstrate SonyLIV's quality, namely quality and speed.

Video on SonyLIV is streamed in HD, Full HD, 2K and 4K formats at very fast speeds, using one of the best streaming technologies in the industry.

 Furthermore, it enhances the user experience as well. The system will suggest relevant content based on your browsing and search history.


Continually the SonyLIV Premium APK is being updated with popular TV shows, movies, and trends as well. So you will have access to the most popular content.

SonyLIV also features exclusive content, teaser advertisements, and trailers that are published in association with a number of movie publishers.



7 Best Google Play Store Alternative App Stores

There are quite a number of reasons why most Android users rely on the Play Store as a place to install Android apps. 

Some of them are like a complete and safe catalog because Google doesn't just enter apps into the Play Store.

However, out there there are quite a number of third-party applications such as the Play Store which comes with a fairly complete library of applications and games, in addition to the ease of installing. 

Best Google Play Store Alternative App Stores

1. Amazon Appstore

The Amazon Appstore is arguably the most competent Play Store alternative app store on this list. This is the default application store for Amazon Fire devices even though it can be installed on all Android-based devices.

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The Amazon Appstore contains many types of applications, including some that are popular and used by many. 

This application, which was the only place to download Amazon Prime Video, is also equipped with many applications from Amazon

This can be juxtaposed with the Play Store for those interested in using more than one app store.

2. Aptoide

Aptoide is one of the oldest third-party app stores on this list. It has many modern applications like Facebook, TikTok, Netflix and some of the famous games like PUBG Mobile and Clash of Clans.

 Unlike the Play Store, Aptoide does not have strict regulations so that applications that are explicit or not on the Play Store can be found easily here.

Plus, if the Play Store requires users to have an account to use it, Aptoide doesn't need that. This is an alternative that is no less interesting than the previous app store.

3. F-Droid

Just like Aptoide, F-Droid is quite a veteran as an app store but is one of the most secure. The apps in this app store are mostly productivity apps, although there are also some common apps like Simple Gallery and Simple Calendar.

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This application store also has a number of games but not many. F-Droid is perfect for those who need an extra catalog of apps that can't be found on the Play Store. 

F-Droid itself is open source and all the applications in it are also open source.

4. Humble Bundle

The Humble Bundle is the perfect place to hunt for affordable mobile games. It uses a "pay as much" system which allows the user to pay for the game less than the normal price. 

There is a tier system depending on how many games the player wants to buy.

Interestingly, some of the proceeds from the purchase will go directly into one of the related charity programs. 

This may not be an app store as good as the Play Store, but the "game bundle" programs they run with different developers or publishers are quite frequent.

5. QooApp

QooApp is a bit different from most of the app stores on this list as it was created to satisfy the cravings of those who are interested in various games from Asia. 

All games on QooApp come from Asian game developers or even only a few support English or non-Asian translations.

This app store is suitable for gamers who want to get the Japanese variant of global games like Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. 

Apart from QooApp, there is also an application store called TapTap which also offers similar types of games.

6. Samsung Galaxy Store

As the name implies, the Samsung Galaxy Store is an application store from Samsung which is unfortunately not available on mobile phones other than the Samsung Galaxy. 

However, the list of games or applications in this game is not as comprehensive as the Play Store and slightly less than the Amazon Appstore.

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However, the Galaxy Store has a clean UI a la Samsung, easy navigation and popular games and applications such as Netflix, Hulu, Brawl Stars and Fortnite. 

For Samsung Galaxy cellphone users, the Galaxy Store is installed immediately and can be used immediately as an alternative to the Play Store.

7. Yalp Store

The last one is the Yalp Store, which is included in one of the unique and interesting application stores.

 Through this application, users can download APKs from games or applications in the Play Store, directly from the application store made by Google.

This application store even allows users to update versions of applications that have been installed and perform searches like on the Play Store. 

The UI of this game does look outdated, but for users whose cellphones are already in the root position, there are a few extra features they can get.


Those were the reviews and recommendations for the best alternative app store for the Google Play Store. If you have other suggestions, just write them in the comments below!

5 Reasons to Keep your Privacy on Social Media

The function of social media is no longer for making friends, bringing distant relatives closer or just for entertainment. Its use is more than that, it is even a promising source of cuan.

Surfing the internet is so fun, we forget to maintain privacy. There are limits in your life that don't always have to be shared on social media, here are five reasons.

5 Reasons to Keep your Privacy on Social Media

1. Protect yourself from sexual harassment crimes

Many use social media for evil deeds, one of which is harassment. Although the account can be suspended, in fact sexual harassment via social media is still common.

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As if not deterred, the perpetrator of the harasser is only concerned with his own pleasure. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the privacy of photos and personal data, because not everyone uses their social media wisely.

2. Identity theft is rampant because of the lack of Awareness 

Be careful if posting photos, videos, or randomly clicking on unclear links. Other people can use it to steal identity through your activities in cyberspace.

You must be familiar with skimming, phishing, or hacking that allows your identity to be used for evil deeds. The target is no age, everyone could be victims of the same crime.

3. Not all activities must be shared on social media.

Every content that you upload must be accountable for its content. Be careful, not all of your activities have to be shared on social media. 

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Distinguish which privacy and not material consumption for others. Use social media wisely, so you avoid irresponsible comments.

4. Make yourself safer and more comfortable 

There is a culture of spill and doxing on social media. Once wrong, not just blasphemy, your personal data can easily be spread and become someone else's butt.

Therefore, use social media responsibly in order to maintain privacy. Living away from the public spotlight certainly makes you more comfortable and avoids pressure.

5. Avoid misuse of personal photos of People 

Not once or twice, a person's photo or data is used for a crime, such as fraud. Seeing the gaps in the internet that are not always safe, you must be aware of the importance of maintaining personal information so that it does not spread. 


Everything that has spread on the internet, will be stored forever. So, be careful.

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There are a lot of terrible things on the internet that can happen if we don't maintain our privacy. From now on, be more insightful in uploading or writing information when playing social media, huh.